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Jill has over three decades of musical and theatrical experience. 


A native of Iowa, Jill Ragee Downing grew up dreaming about the diverse musical and theatrical opportunities that the big city life might bring her one day. With a poster of the New York City skyline above her bed, she dreamed big! After graduating from Iowa State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1996, she took that dream head-on and moved to New York City. 

In 1997, Woody Allen cast her in the movie, "Celebrity" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and from there, Jill's acting career took off booking numerous television and movie roles. 


Inspired by that diversity, she has become a “chameleon” of music, ranging from rock, pop, country, blues, and jazz. There’s no shortage of incredible musicians in the world, and Jill has been honored to work with many. In 2009, Jill was cast in Northern Light Orchestra as one of the lead singers. Northern Light Orchestra was a Christmas-themed supergroup, founded and composed of more than 20 celebrity musicians. 


In 2018, Jill completed her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with an emphasis on music therapy. Jill created a traveling company working with the special needs population and is currently serving the greater Orange County and Los Angeles areas.




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